We at Wayside Auto Body Incprovide the best of the best auto body repair services and back our prospective clients with a 100% written guarantee that guarantees our work for as long as you own the vehicle.

Our exquisite range of services include:

1.Frame and body repair

2.Aluminum repair

3.Wheel alignment


5.Glass shop


We use state of the art equipment and repairing techniques to ensure your car runs better than ever when we complete the job. At our shop a four frame-straightening machine and an advanced G-tronix laser measuring system areused to correct and fix an aluminum or steel frame that has been altered in even the most severe of accidents.

Aluminum frames are becoming more common in the top-tier luxury cars, so we make every possible effort to enhance fuel efficiency and the vehicle's performance after repair. Aluminum allows for a lighter frame without lacking in strength or durability. Our dedicated team of professionals makes use of factory grade and company-approved materials and techniques to ensure that foreign and luxury cars are returned to their original function.

Wayside Auto Body repair Inc is equipped with the most sophisticated technologies in regardsto alignments and suspensions. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians are specifically trained in the modern systems of computerized steering, all-wheel drive, anti-lock breaking systems and air-ride suspension. Whether you have approached us for GM auto body repair, Toyota auto body repair, Ford auto body repair or Honda auto body repair, bring your vehicle back to the car you know and love.

As far as the quality of paint available at Wayside Auto Body repair Inc. is concerned, auto paint is the most complex paint made among all. It possesses greater shine, luster, depth, and weather resistance than any other type of paint does. It is only .003" thick, even when applied properly. We have three down-draft spray booths, a technology that prevents any particles from marring the paint's surface upon application. Not only this, your car will emerge factory fresh along with retaining the original strength and shine.

We make use of the most advanced materials for fast and precise glass repair and replacement. Let us enhance the life of your vehicle!



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